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How you can hire a home improvement contractor without getting ripped off!
Choosing home improvement contractors ranks right up there with public speaking , for one of the most unbelievable tasks a person has to endure. So bad in fact, that most people just skim through the process not taking careful notice of subtle hints that cause people to get ripped off. The Better Business Bureau ranks contractor fraud as their #1 complaint year after year. offers a host of information on, tips for hiring good quality licensed contractors, advice on how not to get ripped off, and special information on hiring contractors following natural disasters. (The largest accumulation of contractor fraud and complaints is during hurricane season and following other natural disasters.)

Protect yourself from crooked contractors, download the booklet "How to Hire a Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off!", Prepare yourself and know what questions to ask before you call them, what to look for when they come to give an estimate, how to analyze their contract and how to evaluate which one to hire once you've taken in several estimates.

Hiring contractors and home improvement specialists doesn't have to be a chore. Know your rights, Stand your ground and don't get snookered by unscrupulous contractors.

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