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 Advertising was created to broaden the awareness people have about hiring contractors and home improvement specialists.

Thousands of regular people just like you and me get cheated by dishonest, unqualified, fraudulent and unscrupulous contractors every year. This is especially true in towns where natural disasters are frequent.

In the days and months following these disasters, these "so called" contractors come out of the woodwork and prey on unsuspecting homeowners.

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, tidal waves and mudslides, all perfect feeding ground for crooks and a time for homeowners to be on special alert when doing home repair.

This site, and moreso, the book "How to Hire Contractors Without Getting Ripped Off", contains information relating to:

orange bullet Hiring contractors & home improvement specialists
orange bullet What U.S Government agencies have recommend on the subject
orange bullet Downloading a complete guide on hiring contractors
orange bullet Filing complaints against contractors
orange bullet Articles, announcements and scams of fraudulent practices
orange bullet Media News Releases and distribution

Contractor Fraud Alliance depicts an unspecified network of organizations, individuals and institutions who's task it is to monitor and control this problem.

This site is operated by contractor, consultant, speaker and author on hiring contractors,
Norman Reid


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