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About The Author
Norman Reid

How To Hire a Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off!

Norman Reid began his career in the construction field at the age of 13 often working three and four hours a day after school. During the summer months he would put in full ten or more hour days, often, six days a week.

After graduating from high school, Reid became a licensed roofing contractor in the states of Florida and South Carolina operating his own company totaling more than fifty employees.

Having worked through several major natural disasters, including Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Andrew as well as many smaller but significant storms, Reid has seen hundreds of honest and dishonest contractors come and go.

Today, Reid owns a sales & marketing firm that works with contractors and other industry related professionals. He has a degree in business management consulting and has done extensive study into the field of marketing. His work currently involves developing innovative marketing strategies that enhance the effectiveness and profitability of the companies he consults for.

Reid is pleased to provide this information as a service and educational process to the public, the media and this industry.

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