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About The Book

How To Hire a Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off!

The book, "How to Hire a Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off " was written in an attempt to educate the public about the specifics of hiring a building and/or specialty contractor to perform work on personal property.

So many "so called" companies and individuals calling themselves contractors are coming out of the woodwork that it is hard to tell which ones are honest. Due to this many homeowners have been fooled and outright cheated. This book details the steps you can take to minimize your chances of hiring an unqualified or dishonest contractor.

If you know the contractor, or one has been highly recommended to you by someone you trust, some of these steps may be unnecessary. However if you have no idea who to hire and plan on calling names out of the phone book or using other sources, then you need to know this information in advance. It could save you a lot of money and undue grief.

This information becomes especially useful after natural disasters when many people are in need of home repair and hundreds of people get into some form of the construction or demolition field and take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners and businesses.

Many of them, performing poor quality work in the mean time. These "companies", a lot of them from out of town, scavenge people for a while, promise top-notch work with big guarantees, and are soon gone. Included in this publication is a special section on hiring contractors following natural disasters.

This book can serve as a reference guide to you, your friends, and your neighbors when faced with hiring any type of property repair contractor. It can help you distinguish between the competent, honest contractor and the incompetent and/or dishonest ones.

See More Details About the Book Here: Click Here

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