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Natural Disasters

Natural disaster areas are usually plagued with con artists, crooks and contractors looking to charge more and do less.

Here is some information regarding hiring contractors and buying supplies following natural disasters.

For important in depth information download or purchase a copy of the book which contains the specifics of hiring contractors following natural disasters

The book, "How to Hire a Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off!" has a special chapter specifically on hiring contractors following natural disasters.

Also, click on the "Scams & Frauds" and the "Publications" links to read articles with additional tips and information on protecting yourself..

Below: See what the Hurricane Task force has to say about fraud and natural disasters.

How to Protect Yourself:

Florida Attorney General's office
Hurricane Taskforce chairman of the National Association of Attorneys General,

The victims of any natural disaster, be it a hurricane, flood, or earthquake, have unfortunately become victims of scam artists out to profit from the misery of others. Below is some information on how to protect yourself from becoming a further victim after the initial disaster.


Following Hurricane Andrew, the State of Florida enacted a law that prohibits "price-gouging" after a declared state of emergency.

The law bans unconscionable prices in the rental or sale of essential commodities, which would include lumber, ice, water, chemicals, generators and other necessary goods and services following a disaster. Other states may have similar laws, which also impose penalties on violators.


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