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If you read about contractor scams or fraudulent contractor activity in newspapers or magazines, please send us copies of the article so it can be posted on this site for the benefit of others.

To Report potential fraud, scams and related news in your area, use the form on our Contact page and write your information and link to a website where the information was published.


The Extent of Contractor Fraud in America

Fraudulent activity costs consumers and ratepayers Hundreds of millions of dollars every year. There are many types of fraud, from people defrauding the workers' compensation system to unscrupulous construction contractors taking advantage of consumers.

This web site was created to help educate people about fraud, What to do about it, How to avoid it, and How to put unscrupulous contractors out of business.

Fraud affects us in many ways. Employers, employees, insurance carriers and consumers pay the cost of fraud in lost jobs and profit, lower wages and benefits, and higher costs for services and premiums.

Workers' compensation fraud can be committed by employees, employers, health care providers, attorneys and others.

Each state has a fraud investigations task force, and they need everyone's help to report fraudulent activity so crooked contractors can be put out of business.

If you Don't report them, who will?

If you've been ripped off by a contractor recently or have the unfortunate experience of getting cheated in the future, Report the fraud to the proper authorities.

To report Fraudulent Activity to state authorities, contact one or more of the following agencies in your town or state.

State Fraud Investigation Task Force
Contractors Licensing Board
Attorney General's Office
Your Local Police Dept.

Learn more about How not to get ripped off and what to do if you ever get ripped off by a contractor.

Also look at the side bar for additional information pages.

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