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Customers and Publicity Facts

How To Hire a Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off!

How to Hire a Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off! Has been used by people and organizations from all over the World, including the United states, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, India and many more.

Organizations, government agencies, public agencies, and institutions have all requested copies for use in reference, training, dissemination, and awareness.

This book was featured in the November 1997 issue of The Natural Hazards Observer. A non- profit quarterly publication for natural disaster related institutions, government and public agencies.

Author Norman G. Reid, has been a frequent Special Guest on the Nationally syndicated weekly radio show Home Improvement USA as well as other syndicated raido broadcasts.

Some of the more notable organizations that have requested and purchased copies of this book include:

South Australia, State Emergency Service, Australia
South Florida Water Management District, USA
State of Idaho Military Division, USA
City of Ashville, NC, USA
City of Ashville Fire Department, NC, USA
Kluang Rotary Library, Malaysia
New Jersey State Library, USA
University of Colorado, USA
Villanova University, USA
New Marine Lines, Bombay
Enviroscience, USA
Seacamp Association, USA
American Overseas Book Co., USA

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